B.Sc. (PCM) & (ZBC)

Bachelor of Science (PCM) & (ZBC)

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    3 Years (6 semesters/year)


    7-8 hours/week Recommended scheduled hours


    Live + Recorded Recorded content & live sessions

    Course Fees

    • Indian Nationals- INR 12000/- Semester

    About B.Sc. (PCM) & (ZBC) Programme

    Mangalayatan University’s two-combination Bachelor of Science degree with PCM and ZBC is unique in that it emphasizes both depth and breadth of knowledge beyond the 12th grade. Its goal and scope are extremely narrowly focused on getting students ready for competitive exams and for college. Additionally, it gives students who meet the prerequisites a solid foundation on which to build as they pursue advanced degrees like an MBA or M.Sc. A minimum of 120 credits would be needed for the three-year UG program, and 160 credits would be needed for the four-year UG program, including distance learning with ICT-enabled coursework. Because there are more jobs in the field, more students are interested in the B.Sc. (PCM/ZBC) program.

    Why a Bachelor of Science in PCM and ZBC?

    Each BSc program has advantages of its own and can lead to distinct career paths. A bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, or PCM, typically prepares students for jobs in research, engineering, and related fields. Conversely, employment in healthcare, environmental science, biotechnology, and related fields can be attained with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology (CBZ). Your interests, professional objectives, and the particular opportunities available to you will all play a role in your decision between the two. When making this choice, it is crucial to take into account your personal interests and strengths.

    B.Sc. in PCM and ZBC Program Features:

    A bachelor of science degree in PCM and ZBC from Mangalayatan University may be pursued, and there are a number of essential components of the MLIS program that could be significant in one’s life. The following are listed:


    3 Years / 6 semesters

    Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany


    Students must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized university with at least 50–55% marks in the science stream.

    B.Sc. (PCM) & (ZBC) Programme

    Fees Structure

    Indian Nationals

    One time registration fee of Rs 1000 is included in the total fee

    B.Sc. (PCM) & (ZBC) Programme - (Distance) Course Structure

    Advantages of a Bachelor of Science in PCM and CBZ from Mangalayatan University, Aligarh:

    A few basic but significant benefits that you will receive throughout your MUA course are crucial to your professional and personal growth. The following is the order in which they are listed:

    Soft Skills Development

    Includes leadership, listening, presenting, communicating, and interpersonal skills.

    Affordable Fee Option

    Many students feel that money is important. At Magalayatan University, we believe that everyone should be able to pursue an education, regardless of their financial situation. As a result, we provide the most reasonably priced, industry-relevant curriculum at a reasonable cost, taught by excellent faculty.

    Advanced LMS

    The delivery of study materials and assignment notes is automated by our advanced LMS. Moreover, this system enables teachers to give students immediate feedback on their performance. Important information can be accessed more easily, and students' focus can be maintained on their studies by centralizing it.

    Free Academic Counseling

    To help students visualize and comprehend the course they intend to take, students are given a free counselling session prior to enrollment. They get a more thorough and in-depth rundown of the course in this session.

    100% Placement Assistance:

    Our faculty and administration are dedicated to assisting students in preparing for interviews following your course. We offer comprehensive support to all Mangalayatan University students, encompassing areas such as networking, resume development, and communication skills. Our goal is to make sure every student has the necessary tools to be successful in their job search

    Career opportunities after a B.Sc. in PCM and ZBC:

    Following a Bachelor of Science degree, one could pursue a career in: After earning a B.Sc. degree from Mangalayatan University, one can pursue an impressive array of professional opportunities. Those looking to advance their careers will find these job profiles to be of great use. In addition, working in these roles allows one to advance both personally and professionally. They are listed in the following order:

    • Educational Institutes
    • Space Research Institutes
    • Research Firms
    • Testing Laboratories
    • Forensic crime research
    • Geological Survey Departments
    • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry
    • Health Care Organizations and Institutes
    • Chemical Industry
    • Environmental Management and Conservation